Indoor Accommodation


Indoor Accommodation

All our accommodation buildings are self catering and come next to easily accessible campsites.

2 of the buildings offer bunk bed dormitories and 2 offer a more traditional scouting experience where the young people sleep on mats in the main hall (supplied)

Charles Wilson Centre;

This is the largest accomodation building on the campsite. It sleeps 38 in Bunk Beds with 4 bedrooms at one end of the building, each sleeping 8 people. At the other end of the building are 2 further bedrooms, 1 room of 2 and 1 room of 4. Also at this end of the building there is the kitchen, toilets and a shower room. 

This building also has a very useful covered patio area with seating for all 38 people. 

This is the building used most often for large district and county bookings as it has large camping areas right next to the building.

Woodhouse Lodge; 

Perfectly located next to our main field in the centre of the site, this 28 bedded accomodation has a number of dorms with smaller rooms seperated at the far end ideal for leader rooms. The well equipped kitchen, toilets and large hall makes it ideal for groups looking for an indoor space for longer stays. The building is suitable for a number of uses and its central location makes it ideal as a base for larger events and camps.

Bradley Lodge;

Sleeps 26 in total with 6 in bunk beds and the rest on mattresses located on the floor in the main hall. This building also has 3 camping pods right next to it, ideal if you want to mix it up a little and use the building as your base and let your young people use the pods. The area outside this building is well suited to cooking / fire activities and the building includes a well equipped kitchen and toilets. **The building has just undergone a major refurbishment in Summer 2021**

Camping Pods; 

We have 3 camping pods which are ideal if you want to "upgrade" from camping under canvas or want to use to increase the capacity of our buildings. 


Jack Boocock Centre;

The building itself sleeps 20 with 4 bunks in two rooms and the rest on mattresses on the floor in the main hall. The building has a well equipped kitchen and toilets. Many groups use this building along with the large field just outside, the building offering an ideal base to go alongside the camping area.