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Sugar Rush at the Jam Butty Camp

Jun 14, 2017
Have you ever seen a Beaver Scout in a Kayak? or up a 10m Caving Ladder. Well if you came to the Jam Butty Camp then you would not have believed your eyes.

We think these were the only Beaver Scouts in the UK that were climbing 10m caving ladders and kayaking last weekend. Add in the Tree Climb, Archery, Poop-La with Water Aid and the sensory depravation challenge with the Guide Dogs for the Blind and you'll have to admit that the West Yorkshire Beaver Scouts (and all the others from outside the County who joined us) needed all that sugar from their Jam Butties just to keep going.

Thats not all though - there was a farm, some slack lines, the police, wildlife in the Discovery Den, the Planetarium, the Lego, the Craft stations, the brilliant food (thanks Jacqui and Tina and your teams), the Camp Fire, the inflatables, the candy floss, all the Strawberries, Marmalades and Blueberries (we know who you are) and the Movie before bed. And no - Beavers don't sleep!!!!!

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